N.Y.E. DINNER 2020




...with a glass of Franciacorta Quadra Saten...



Smoked Oyster with Whisky Crushed Ice


Tuna Ham and Fig Ice Cream


Nori Seawead Roll, Rice, Salmon Eggs






Warm Squid, Wild Salad, Aromatic Herbs, Balsamic Gold Vinager 



Artichoke filled with Bread, Drops of Mint



Spaghetto wit Sea Urchins, Lemon, Crispy Bread



Ravioli filled with Braised Beef, Hen Broth



Monk Fish filled with Red Prowns and Spinach, Guanciale, Lemon Zabaglione



Lamb Loin Breaded with Aromatic Herbs, Potatoes Croquettes "Cheese and Pepper", Sprouts of Catalogna Endive



Sorbetto al Mojito



Coffee Custard , Panettone Ice Cream, Crunchy Chocolate with Nuts and Honey




At Midnight…


...a glass of Oltrepò Pavese “Cèpage” dosaggio zero, Conte Vistarino


Cotechino e Lenticchie


Traditionale Desserts


€uro 110,00 p.p. (without beverage)


Info e reservation:

064823962 e info@matermatuta.eu






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